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Below is a (constantly updating) list of Atom Punk related media, mostly videos linking back to YouTube. Atom Punk is the retro future concept of current and future times as projected by the 50s but not following our flow of History. Wikipedia describes it as

Atompunk relates to the pre-digital period of 1945-1965, including mid-century Modernism, the Atomic Age and Space AgeCommunism and concern about it exaggerated as paranoia in the USA along with Neo-Soviet styling, underground cinemaGoogie architecture, the Sputnik programme, superhero fiction, the rise of the US military/industrial powers and the fall-out of Chernobyl. Its aesthetic tends toward Populuxe and Raygun Gothic, which describe a retro-futuristic vision of the world.[17]

Movies and Media
The TV of Tomorrow (1953)
The Car of Tomorrow (1951) Animated
The World of Tomorrow (All of Tex Avery’s World of Tomorrow Animations)
The Jetsons Animated
Fallout 3 Trailer Video Game

A Pintrest Board of Atompunk Makeup

Atompunk Blogs and Articles:
Mass Panic
Boing Boing Article
A Steampunk Opera
Atompunk TV Tropes Page 

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