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We have landed on a world where the faint sun glints off methane lakes, seen stars the size of cities spin hundreds of times a second, and taken photographs of light from the beginning of time that has journeyed for over thirteen billion years to reach us. This is true wonder, with the power to deliver a dizzying feeling, the craving for which might be seen as the very definition of what it means to be human.
Brian Cox, Why Quantum Theory Is So Misunderstood (via cuckoocuckoo)


Video: Tiny electronic device can swim through your bloodsteam, deliver drugs.

Stanford University Engineers have developed a wireless, self-propelled device, able to be controlled through the bloodstream via an external, handheld transmitter. The device can be used to deliver a payload of drugs to a targeted area, and is powered wirelessly using electromagnetic waves from the transmitter, which is held over the body to guide it.

The device is only 2 square millimetres.

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